Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beyond You

Do I need to care if my heart still beats for you
Do I need to care if you come back to me
Do I need to hold my breath
Just to see a smile on your face....
No... No.... No....
Let the wall be there...
That you build so stronger and stronger
And I don't need you anymore
It pains to be in isolation
But for now
It's gone and it's over....
Forever and ever....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

24th September 2010, Is It Really A Judgment Day?

Everyone in India is excited about 24th September, 2010. I really wonder what's so special about this day? I know it's a sensitive topic but couldn't stop myself from writing my feelings about it. The Supreme Court of India is going to give the final Ayodhya Verdict on 24th September. The Hindus want to build a temple on the spot and a Muslims want to erect a Mosque. It's been eighteen years that people fought and shed blood on this issue and are ready to do it once again and that too in the name of religion. The Government and the Administration is literally begging the citizens to stay calm after the verdict. But why is it expected that people are going to react to the verdict? And why are they begging? Don't they have the power and strength to handle it if such a situation arises? Or is it another story which they want to create with their dirty politics?

By the way, did Allah ask the Muslims to build a Mosque over there or did Lord Rama ask the Hindus to build a temple on that spot? Did the Almighty ask people to shed blood on this issue? I really don't understand why people's perception about religion has changed over the course of time. The perception of religion today is aggression and belief that their religion is the only one in the world and all other religions doesn't make any sense. People don't understand that all religions teach us peace and humanity. And I believe no religion teaches to shed blood but it's human beings who bring out wrong meanings to religion. And if any religion really teaches violence and aggression, I believe it cannot be a religion at all.

The common man never perceives why and how the riots lead off and who is the victim. It's the dirty politicians and the so called selfish preachers who ignite the fire for their personal benefits. And it's always the common man who dies.

How would it be if the judgment comes neither in favor of the Hindus nor in favor of the Muslims? The Day would really be a Judgment Day if the Verdict comes in favor of India and the Common Man.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Blame Game

I was thinking of the biggest game on earth. It might sound like Football, Cricket, Tennis etc. but I feel it's the Blame Game which human beings have been playing for ages and would continue playing forever. Everyone plays the game with a lot of energy and nobody ever seems to lose it. To be honest, even sometimes I do get into playing the game, and it's not because I love playing it but being a human, I'm also being driven by human nature.

Let me not dig more of the game, I don't like it from my heart and don't want to be a part of it. I feel it's better to be silent and just watch the game rather diving into it. I believe, one can write a million books on the game if he wants to. Frankly speaking, my disgust to it made me to write all this and make myself happy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

God Faith and Adherence

It's festive season everywhere in Maharashtra (I guess it would be through out India). The Muslims are celebrating Eid and the Hindus, Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone is happy and enjoying the festive mood. The Hindus are praying Ganasha and the Muslims offering Namaz to Allah. I can see every single soul devoted to God and their faith in religion NOW is beyond imaginable levels.

Sometimes I do think about what every religion teach us. The answer which comes to my mind is that all religions teach us to pray God - the Almighty, who created the Universe. Apart from this, all religions also teach us about the existence of soul, the existence of God in all living beings, compassion and respect for everyone, humanity, morals and peace. And so as to stick to religion we celebrate the festivals. But does religion mean only to enjoy the festive seasons and make merry. Are we really following the religions and their teachings and adhere to it? If we would have followed God with real faith, understood the meaning of religion and their teachings in depth and adhere to it, the world would have altogether been a different place to live in. There would have been peace and prosperity. And what's worst is people are fighting on the name of religions.

And this thought puts before me a BIG question mark about God, Faith and peoples' Adherence to it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Neuo - Sense and Significance

I was pondering about something fresh and green which could explain the notion and objective of the blog at one go. Lots of words flew across my intellect but still it couldn't satisfy my insights. Besides as it was a new beginning, I felt like why not come up with a new word which would signify itself from the sense of its genesis. And so it came up as "Neuo".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Let Them See The Sunshine Too

As I was strolling near Wadia College, Pune, I saw two young girls walking by the road. They were walking towards the bus stop. The road was quite busy but they didn't care. I saw tags on their necks and I got to know that they were students of the college. They passed by near me. Oh God... they were blind. Totally blind. You won't believe, they were crossing roads and that too alone and without blind sticks. The cars and buses also didn't seem to care.

It really pained me so much that nobody thinks about them, nobody cares about them. People don't treat as if they are humans too. Why? Why is the difference? Don't they need love? Don't they need care? They need special care and extra love.

I went through Google and found that over 15 million people are blind in India. Gosh! I really got stuck by the statistics. I believe we need to find out a solution to eradicate blindness from India, and trust me, we can do that. We just need to spread a bit of awareness among the mass to donate their eyes. Just showing advertisements on television is not going to work. We need to implement it practically and need to reach more people.

The best way to make people aware of and donate their eyes can be by providing Eye Donor Cards. And to implement it on large scale, co-operation from Government Agencies, Banks and Companies can help spread awareness and make more people donate eyes. The cards which we use in our daily life can serve both the purposes.

The following cards can be converted to Eye Donor cards:
  1. Pan Card
  2. Credit & Debit Cards
  3. Driving License
  4. Company ID Cards
The above mentioned cards can be of two types:
  1. Ordinary card
  2. Eye donor card
If someone doesn't agree to be an Eye Donor, he/she would be issued an ordinary card and those who agree to be donors would be issued Eye Donor Cards.

Let's bring a change to the world and let them see the sunshine too....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work, Life and Answers

One of my very good friends called me up yesterday. And as we were talking, he asked me what's going on in my life. I started telling him about my work, office and business. He said, "Saale... band kar apna yeh bakwas (stop talking all this shit), tell me what's going on in your life, I mean personal life". I said, "I am doing good, enjoying life and my work". He insisted me to tell stories and incidents about my personal life. And frankly speaking, I really couldn't tell him anything about my personal life because I had  no such stories to tell as I made myself busy only in work and I had nothing called personal life. My work has become my personal life. Whereas about my work, I could have told him a thousand stories but he was not interested.

It really made me think that our life has changed a lot because of our work. We don't think much personal now. We think of earning money and getting rich. We have become machines who work like anything. But is Work bad? Should there be a limit for work? Or in other words, how much should we work? Shouldn't people think of becoming billionaires? Should we earn only to make our both ends meet and be happy? The other side of the coin reflects people like Narayana Murthy, Ashank Desai, Ratan Tata and many more like them. If they wouldn't have worked, millions of people wouldn't have got employment.

It really put me on a comparative ladder to think and the best answer which came up from the inner me is "Listen to your heart and do whatever you love to do, you will be happy....".