Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beyond You

Do I need to care if my heart still beats for you
Do I need to care if you come back to me
Do I need to hold my breath
Just to see a smile on your face....
No... No.... No....
Let the wall be there...
That you build so stronger and stronger
And I don't need you anymore
It pains to be in isolation
But for now
It's gone and it's over....
Forever and ever....


  1. Fragile are relations, kudos to those who keep
    Parasites do help, not only creep

    Leave hope to reassemble broken glass; if connected though, its of different class

    Situations demand the matured man
    Challenges should not wither an established clan

    Pleasure is meaningless if lonely to the inner core
    A drink together has a meaning sure!

  2. Wow Swain.... you have become a poet.... I really like that.....